Easy Pool

Pool maintenance is not rocket science. Here’s how to keep a healthy pool:

Look at the pool and pump/filter/timer almost every day (typically takes less than 5 minutes)
Add water to the pool when necessary
Backflush/reload filter when necessary (typically 2 times a week)
Remove debris from skimmer and pool cleaner every other day. (typically takes about 1 minute)
Quickly brush the sides and bottom of the pool twice a week, and use a pool vacuum to remove debris and sand from the bottom of the pool. (typically takes about 10 minutes)
Measure chlorine and pH every other day (less than 5 minutes). This measurement is really the key to a healthy pool. Algae don’t get a chance in your pool if you maintain a proper level of Chlorine. For Chlorine to work optimally, the pH value needs to be in the right range. This app helps you do those two things.